th-2Comprehensive multimodal pain management refers to the practice of combining multiple analgesic (pain targeting) drug classes or techniques in order to target different points along the pain pathway in the patient. This can include specific medications before, during and following procedures which may cause discomfort or pain.

Studies have shown that patients medicated before painful procedures experience shorter healing times and fewer complications. Post-operative analgesics are prescribed to keep your pet comfortable once home, alleviating pain and its associated stress, which has also been shown to reduce recovery times.

In non-surgical patients who experience some form of chronic pain (osteoarthritis, etc.), a proactive approach to pain management is key. Patients who suffer from chronic pain, but are well-managed with analgesics can still live active, healthy lives.

Our pets cannot tell us when, why or where they are in pain. The goal of multimodal pain management is to find the correct medications in the most effective dosages to combat pain and discomfort in all of its various forms.